Corporate Finance

The need to raise capital is a pressing issue for many companies. The following scenarios may trigger the need for corporate financial advisory services:

  • Selling your business
  • Need for working capital to finance inventory
  • Rapid growth or expansion
  • Raising start-up capital
  • Restructuring
  • Debt maturing and refinancing needed
  • Proposed merger or acquisition

At The LFG Group, our team of experienced corporate finance professionals will help you to find the maximum value of your company and analyze various strategic finance options. We help you structure the deal, giving you the tools to present to the market, and guide you in negotiating and closing the deal at the best terms possible. The relationships we have built with commercial and investment banks, venture capital firms and angel investors, coupled with our deal experience in a wide array of industries is a the mainstay of our corporate finance services.

Equity Fundraise

We guide you through the required steps to successfully raise equity funds, from the beginning through to closing. Our expertise in developing comprehensive business plans and financial models with a strong-supported valuation will ensure success in a competitive landscape. Our extensive experience with equity providers gives us the unique ability to organize companies in order to attain their optimal capital structure, which is especially important when considering new equity investments in a company. We also work alongside our clients to assist potential new investors with their due diligence efforts.

A typical equity fundraise scenario will take on the following steps:

LFG Equity Raise Process Flow


Debt Raise

We help companies determine if they have enough leverage to be able to raise debt or refinancing their existing debt.  Through our network of lenders built through years of banking industry experience, we are able to connect you with the optimal financing options:

  • Term loan or line of credit
  • Mortgages or leases
  • Asset-backed loan
  • Secured loans
  • Mezzanine financing or convertible debt