Our group at LFG is pleased to offer you some useful links and resources.  Please check back often as we will be updating this page with more information.


Funding Portal

The Funding Portal is Canada’s national bilingual e-commerce platform and one-window gateway to improve access to government funding and private financing. The Portal aggregates more than 7,000 sources of funding within a free searchable database—more than 4,500 government sources and 2,500 private sources—representing more than $30 billion in available funding for your business, hospital, university, charity or non-profit.

The Funding Portal


Corporate Tax FAQ

Download our PDF on some common corporate tax questions you may have.

Corporate Tax FAQ


Employee vs. Contractor

The difference between and employee relationship and a contractor relationship is not always black and white.  There can be very serious consequences (penalties, unpaid tax, CPP/EI premiums, etc) if the Canada Revenue Agency assesses the relationship and determines that you have an employment relationship, when you’ve been paying as contractors.

Employee vs Conractor


Payroll Deductions Calculator

CRA has an online payroll deductions online calculator (“PDOC”) you can use if you don’t have a payroll service provider and need to calculate your source deductions.


If you’re not sure if you have to take CPP, EI, or income tax deductions on payments, you can refer to the CRA’s Special Payments Chart:

Special Payments